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Girlschool – From London To Nashville (2CD Set)

The Midlands Rock review:

1984 was a time of transition for Girlschool (a year from which both of these live sets were culled) with line-up changes and a shift towards a more commercialised sound that confused their core fanbase. The pop-metal of 1983’s Play Dirty was a creative nadir yet in the live environment Girlschool were an unstoppable beast and if you need proof just listen as they tear up stages From London To Nashville.

CD1: Live From The Camden Palace London (7th December 1984)

When Girlschool hit the Camden Palace in late ‘84 they’d swelled to a quintet with the addition of second vocalist Jackie Bodimead while original guitarist Kelly Johnson was replaced by Aussie Cris Bonacci. Despite these changes opener ‘Let’s Go’ remains a carrion cry and it’s delivered with such conviction that you have no choice but to heed the call. There’s a groove and swing underpinning proceedings, so much so, that the band collectively turn into a wrecking ball that’s come to demolish the venue…

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