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Bangalore Choir – All Or Nothing: The Complete Studio Albums Collection (3CD Set)

The Midlands Rock review:

If ever a band was born at the wrong time, it was surely Hollywood’s Bangalore Choir. Releasing their bright and bouncy debut album in 1992 ensured that they were criminally overlooked in an age when being dour and maudlin was the height of fashion. However, time has been very kind to their uplifting brand of hair metal and All Or Nothing: The Complete Studio Albums collects their debut and two reunion albums (along with bonus tracks) to show why good music never goes out of style.

Disc One: On Target

On Target had everything going for it: major label backing (Warner Bros), top producer (Max Norman), key co-writers (Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova) and, most importantly, a hard yet melodic sound. Rather strangely, it was the last of these that proved to be an Achilles heel in an era when grunge was riding high. Suddenly good time, raunchy rock n’ roll was viewed as prehistoric and subsequently On Target (nowtagged a retrospective classic) sank without trace…

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