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Alternative TV - revolution2

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Originally, ‘revolution’ (The ninth studio album of the English punk band Alternative TV) was released on August 27, 2001.

Now it is re released on the SFM label, as revolution2, but this time with 6 new bonus tracks.

5 recorded ‘live’ at The 12 Bar Club, London on the 01/06/12 and

1 recorded by ATV 2 (duo) Lee McFadden & Steve Carter

Line Ups:

Mark Perry - Vocals, Percussion,* Tyrone Thomas - Guitar, Backing Vocals,* John Isaac - Drums, Grahame Hullett - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

With: Siobhan Duvigneau – Vocals on ‘On Your Knees’, Steve Carter – Backing Vocal on ‘Urban Kids’***

Lee McFadden - Guitar + Vocals,*** Kevin Mann – Drums,* Clive Giblin - Guitar*

Track Listing: 1. Revolution 2. Good Times 3. Urban Kids 4. In Control 5. Total Switch Off 6. Never Going to Give It Up 7. On Your Knees 8. Company of Lies 9. It’s Raining 10. Back to Basics 11. Visions 12. At War 13. Still Life (Bonus)* 14. Why Don’t You Do Me Right (Bonus)* 15. Plastic People (Bonus)* 16. Splitting In Two (Bonus)* 17. Action Time Vision (Bonus)* 18. Life (Bonus) TV2**

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