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Bangalore Choir - All Or Nothing - The Complete Studio Albums Collection

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American hard rock band founded in 1991. A vicious yet highly melodic Los Angeles Hard Rock outfit, named after a type of torpedo, formed by ex- ACCEPT and future BONFIRE and currently successful solo artist, vocalist David Reece... with Ian Mayo and Jackie Ramos, both former members of the Atlantic Records signed HERICANE ALICE.

This 3 CD set is a must have for BC fans and everybody into melodic hard rock in the Bon Jovi, Dokken and Kiss vein.

CD. 1: On Target Debut album release - released in 1992. 1. Angel in Black. 2. Loaded Gun. 3. If the Good Die Young (We’ll Live Forever). 4. Doin’ the Dance. 5. Hold on to You. 6. All or Nothin’. 7. Slippin’ Away. 8. She Can’t Stop. 9. Freight Train Rollin’. 10. Just One Night. 11. Wazoo City (Intro) (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 12. Power Trippin’ (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 13. Just One Night (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 14. Martyr (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 15. Doin’ The Dance (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 16. Loaded Gun (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 17. If The Good Die Young (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 18. David Reece Talks About On Target (Bonus).

CD. 2: Cadence The follow up to the acclaimed ‘On Target’ - released in 2010. 1. Wahzoo City. 2. Power Trippin’. 3. Martyr. 4. Livin’ Your Dreams. 5. Survival Of The Fittest. 6. Tomorrow. 7. Heartattack And Vine. 8. Still Have A Song To Sing. 9. Dig Deep. 10. Never Say Goodbye. 11. Sweet Temptation. 12. High On The Clouds. 13. Spirits Too They Bleed. 14. Surrender All Your Love. 15. Livin’ Your Dreams Every Day (Live At Firefest)(Bonus). 16. Slippin’ Away (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 17. Freight Train Rollin’ (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 18. David Reece Talks About Cadence (Bonus).

CD. 3: Metaphor This cd just oozes class - released in 2012. 1. All the Damage Done. 2. Trojan Horse. 3. Silhouettes On the Shade. 4. Metaphor. 5. Don’t Act Surprised. 6. Never Trust Ole Joe Alone. 7. Scandinavian Rose. 8. Catch an Angel Fallin’. 9. Civilized Evil. 10. Fools Gold. 11. Always Be My Angel. 12. Angel In Black (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 13. All Or Nothin’ (Live At Firefest) (Bonus). 14. David Reece Talks About Metaphor (Bonus).

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