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Bangalore Choir Beyond Target - The Demos / This extremely limited edition is only available by mail order directly from Global Rock Records - The Store For Music.

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We recorded most of these demos you’re hearing in the garage, but some were done at Stevie Nick's personal studio as well as some at A&M studios. It’s quite a funny story as some of the tracks were recorded over U2’s ‘The Joshua Tree’ demos - I definitely wish I still had those!

The remixes for ‘On Target’ were originally done at Skip Saylor and the Enterprise Studios and after years of wondering where these lost tracks were, I found them through an old friend. Giles Lavery said we need to release this material, so I contacted Riccardo Demarosi here in my village in Italy and he carefully remixed and mastered these lost gems.

I remain very proud of this history and am so very happy to give them life again.

Yours in voice, David Reece

CD1: 1. Angel In Black 2. All Or Nothing 3. Loaded Gun 4. Sweet Temptation 5. She Can't Stop 6. Slippin' Away 7. Just One Night 8. Freight Train Rollin 9. If The Good Die Young - We'll Live Forever 10. Do Or Die 11. Hold On To You 12. Somebody

CD2: 1. Victim Of The Night Demo 2. Sanctuary 3. Let Me Go 4. Always Remember 5. No Guts No Glory 6. All Or Nothing Demo 7. She Can't Stop Demo 8. Slippin Away Demo 9. Just One Night Demo 10. Freight Train Rollin Demo 11. If The Good Die Young Demo 12. Hold On To You Demo

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