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Crowbar - Archive Metal…. in its purest form.

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Crowbar: An American sludge metal band formed in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1990. This 3cd Box Set features Albums from the period 1998 – 2001.
Their muscular ri s and gru vocals are probably amongst the most instantly recognisable combinations in sludge metal, but they are also known for covering other band’s material and putting a heavy spin on it. Check out covers of Gary Wright’s “Dream Weaver” on the Equilibrium album and Iron Maiden’s “Remember Tomorrow” on Odd Fellows Rest.

Crowbar are about using music to make you deal with a mad world, and that, coupled with some of the heaviest music around, is why you should

sit up and pay attention.

This 3 CD Box Set contains the albums.
CD 1: Odd Fellows Rest
1. Intro 2. Planets Collide 3. ...And Su er As One 4. 1000 Year Internal War 5. To Carry The Load 6. December’s Spawn 7. It’s All In The Gravity 8. Behind The Black Horizon 9. New Man Born 10. Scattered Pieces Lay 11. Oddfellows Rest 12. On Frozen Ground 13. Remember Tomorrow

CD 2: Equilibrium
1. I Feel The Burning Sun 2. Equilibrium 3. Glass Full Of Liquid Pain 4. Command Of Myself 5. Down Into The Rotting Earth 6. To Touch The Hand Of God 7. Uncovering 8. Buried Once Again 9. Things You Can’t Understand 10. Euphoria Minus One 11. Dream Weaver

CD 3: Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form
1. The Lasting Dose 2. To Build A Mountain 3. Thru The Ashes (I’ve Watched You Burn) 4. Awakening 5. Repulsive In It’s Splendid Beauty 6. Counting Daze 7. In Times Of Sorrow 8. It Pours From Me 9. Su ering Brings Wisdom 10. Failure To Delay Grati cation 11. Empty Room

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