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Doogie White - As Yet Untitled / Then There Was This. (Bonus CD)

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Douglas "Doogie" White (born 7 March 1960) is a Scottish rock vocalist. White currently sings for Alcatrazz. He has also notably sung for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Praying Mantis, Tank, La Paz and Michael Schenker Fest.
This album, is a collection of 10 dramatic and hard hitting rock songs, (plus 2 bonus tracks) co- written by White and some good friends he has made over his years in rock music.

CD1 Track Listing: 1. Come Taste The Band 2. Time Machine 3. Dreams Lie Down And Die 4. Lonely 5. Land Of The Deceiver 6. Secret Jesus 7. Sea Of Emotion 8. Catz Got Yer Tongue 9. Living On The Cheap 10. Times Like These 11. Dishing the Dirt (Bonus) 12. Small Town Saturday Night (Bonus)

CD2 Track Listing: (Bonus CD) 1. The Cairvoyant 2. Too Hot To Handle 3. Judgement Day 4. Let’s Spend The Night Together 5. This Flight Tonight 6. Long Gone 7. Emerald 8. Crying In The Rain 9. Love Hurts 10. Not Fade Away 11. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter 12. Twistin The Night Away

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