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Eric Clapton And The Yardbirds - Historic Classic Recordings

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‘Historic Classic Recordings’ from the early days of The Yardbirds. Including studio recordings and live tracks from The Marquee Club, London and The Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, Surrey.
These fantastic recordings not only feature Eric Clapton CBE, but also the legend Sonny Boy Williamson, who the band toured with in December 1963. Also, listen out for Jimmy Page, whose contribution on a couple of the tracks is unmistakable.

Track Listing
CD 1

1. For Your Love 2. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 3. Shapes Of Things 4. Draggin’ My Tail (with Jimmy Page) 5. Evil Hearted You 6. I Ain’t Got You 7. A Certain Girl 8. Got To Hurry
Plus Live @ The Marquee Club:
9. Too Much Monkey Business 10. Got Love If You Want It 11. Smokestack Lightning 12. Louise 13. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 14. Five Long Years 15. Here ’Tis 16. Pretty Girl 17. I’m A Man 18. She’s So Respectable

CD 2:

1. Baby What’s Wrong 2. Mr. You’re a Better Man Than I 3. Choker (with Jimmy Page) 4. Honey In Your Hips 5. West Coast Idea 6. I Wish You Would 7. Freight Loader (with Jimmy Page) 8. Snake Drive 9. Je ’s Blues

Plus Live @ Crawdaddy Club:
10. Smokestack Lightning 11. Bye-Bye Bird 12. Take It Easy Baby 13. Out On The Water Coast 14. Pontiac Blues 15. Twenty-Three Hours Too Long 16. Do The Weston 17. The River Rhine 18. Mister Downchild

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