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Haircut 100 - Live At The Marquee Club

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Haircut One Hundred are a British new wave/jazz-funk group formed in 1980 in Beckenham, London by Nick Heyward. At a time when music was going in a million directions at once, Haircut 100 came along and offered a hybrid of Funk, Soul and New Wave known is some circles as Brit Funk.

Haircut 100 performed live at The Marquee Club London December 1983 which was recorded and filmed by Trilion, with a line up of - Steve French (keyboards), Marc Fox (lead vocal and percussion), Graham Jones (guitar), Les Nemes (bass), Blair Cunningham (drums), Phil Smith (sax), Guy Barker (trumpet), Pete Bechil (trombone).

The band had experienced some top ten single and album successes, including “Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)” and “Love Plus One” which they played during the concert. This concert was another great step into the future that has lasted to the current day.

Track Listing:

1. Two Up Two Down

2. Hidden Years

3. Favourite Shirts (boy meets girl)

4. Here to Stay

5. Love Plus One

6. Prime Time

7. Calling Captain Autumn

8. Infatuation

9. So Tired

10. Forty Forty Home

11. Instrumental

12. High Noon

13. Fish in a Bowl

14. Kingsize

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