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JIM McCARTY BAND - Two Steps Ahead

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1. Outside Woman Blues

2. Slow Drivers

3. Lawyers, Guns & Money

4. No Place To Go

5. Heavy Weather

6. How Blue Can You Get

7. Walking Through the Back Streets

8. Framed

9. Your Heart's Not In It

10. Black Hearted Woman

11. I'll Go Crazy

12. No Easy Way Out

13. Two Steps Ahead

A great blues rock album. Joining Jim are current Yardbird vocalist John Idan and Ray Majors (Mott/British Lions) along with former Strawb Rod Demick.

If someone wrote a book about British blues-rock and failed to mention Jim McCarty, the book would have a gaping hole. McCarty was the Yardbirds' original drummer, and failing to mention him would be like not mentioning Cream's Ginger Baker or Led Zeppelin's John Bonham.

The Yardbirds weren't strictly a blues-rock band; many of their songs favored a haunting, quasi-Gregorian outlook. But blues-rock was an important part of what they did, and McCarty's blues-rock side dominates 'Outside Woman Blues'. This 2002 release finds the drummer leading a quartet that is billed as the 'Jim McCarty Band'.
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