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Lillian Axe - Psalms For Eternity.

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Lillian Axe is an American hard rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana, US, who found success with the major label albums, Lillian Axe, Love + War, Poetic Justice and Psychoschizophrenia. Originally formed in 1983, the group is still active, Both guitarist Steve Blaze and bassist Michael Max Darby remain from the original line-up. Psalms To Eternity brings together, for the first time, tracks from all Lillian Axe releases in one comprehensive anthology.

All tracks were selected by Steve Blaze himself, adding in several unreleased tracks, making this an essential part of the Lillian Axe discography.

Psalms To Eternity comes in a deluxe 3 CD digipak.

CD. 1: 1. Death Comes Tomorrow 2. 47 Ways to Die 3. Jesus Wept 4. Waters Rising 5. Death Valley Daze 6. Crucified 7. True Believer. 8. Show a Little Love 9. Misery Loves Company 10. Angel Among Us - Bonus Track

CD. 2: 1. The Great Divine 2. Under The Same Moon 3. Nocturnal Symphony 4. I have to Die, Goodbye 5. Twilight In Hell 6. Stop the Hate 7. Living In The Grey 8. All’s Fair In Love And War 9. Waiting in the Dark 10. Perfect Blue- Bonus Track

CD. 3: 1. Bow Your Head 2. Deep Red Shadows 3. Sad Day on Planet Earth 4. Fields Of Yesterday 5. When it Rains 6. The Needle of Your Pain 7. See you Someday 8. Ghost of Winter 9. Nobody Knows 10. The Weeping Moon- Bonus Track

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