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Narciso Yepes - Grandes Intérpretes

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Yepes’s international prominence owed much to his association and promotion of Rodrigo’s Concerto d’ Aranjuez. His recorded performance for Decca is widely regarded as the de nitive performance of the Concerto.
Yepes’s lifelong passion for innovation combined with the study and adaption of classical guitar and like instruments, found expression not only in his performances, arrangements and search for compositions, but also teaching.

This 2 DVD of six ( 6 ) 25 minute episodes- which is the rst dedicated DVD of Yepes’s -captures Yepes’s extraordinary gift of clarity of thought and simplicity of speech that enables him to take and hold his audience through the history of guitar and the development of repertoire and technique. He espouses simple but often overlooked truths. He demonstrates to his studio audience through the selection of compositions the fruits of his knowledge and study in a way that engages all levels of understanding.

“Narciso Yepes was to 10 string classical guitar, what Egberto Gismonti is to 10 string jazz guitar.”

Disc 1.
1. Música barroca - Baroque music 2. Tres grandes guitarristas españoles - Three great Spanish guitarists 3. Guitarristas

Recorded in 1970, this carefully restored masterclass has been curated and edited by his daughter Ana Yepes, the internationally acclaimed choreographer and dancer, to become a special limited edition sub-titled into English.

compositores - Guitarist composers

Disc 2.
4. Música del Renacimiento - Renaissance music 5. Transcripciones para guitarra - Transcriptions for guitar 6. Música contemporánea - Contemporary music

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