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Richie Kotzen - Telecasters & Stratocasters - Klassic Kotzen

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Born in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1970, Richie Kotzen is an American singer/songwriter and world renowned musician. Considered by many as one of the greatest ever to pick up a guitar, Kotzen possesses the rare talent of adapting his playing style to suit all genres of music from jazz and blues to pop and rock. This ability stemmed from his early years, when at the age of seven Kotzen rst took up the instrument, keen to follow in the footsteps of the band Kiss. He spent several years honing his own unique sound and playing style, tirelessly working to perfect the art, and it paid o when he was signed by Shrapnel Records at the age of 19. Kotzen has released a long series of more than twenty albums with musical in uences ranging from Rock, Hard Rock, Pop, Blues, Blue-eyed- soul, R&B and Funk to Jazz Fusion. He was a member of many succesful bands including Poison, Mr Big and The Winery Dogs.

Kotzen has used Fender electric guitars for most of his career, most notably his signature models Telecasters and Stratocasters.

This 3 CD Box Set contains the albums.

1. Break It All Down - “This album is a major artistic achievement. A case of an R&B songwriter trying out some new sounds.”
2. Something To Say - “Listening to “Something To Say” is like seeing a new friend that you haven’t seen for a long time.”
2. What Is - “Singing and Songwriting across the board, there is not a single song which wavers from the great talent and emotion he exudes in his playing and voice.”
Along with 9 Bonus Tracks, Taken from the album “Wave Of Emotion”

Track Listing:
CD 1:
1. Break It All Down 2. Killin’ Time 3. The Feelin’s Gone 4. Some Voodoo 5. I Would 6. You Don’t Know 7. Live A Little 8. I Don’t Belong 9. My Addiction 10. It Burns 11. I’ll Be Around 12. Wave Of Emotion (Bonus) 13. Breakdown (Bonus) 14. World A air (Bonus)
CD 2:
1. Something To Say 2. What Makes A Man 3. The Bitter End 4. Faded 5. Let Me In 6. Rust 7. Ready 8. Aberdine 9. Holy Man 10. Camo auge
11. Turned Out 12. Air (Bonus) 13. Moonshine (Bonus) 14. Time’s Gonna Tell (Bonus)
CD 3:
1. What Is 2. Too Deep 3. You Got A Fire 4. Locked Out 5. You Don’t Owe Me 6. Angie 7. Open Your Eyes 8. Strength 9. Lose Again 10. Cross The Line 11. I’m Losin’ You 12. No Reason (Bonus) 13. I’m Comin’ Out (Bonus) 14. Sovereign (Bonus)

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