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1. The Planetary Citizen Band Theme Song

2. Tell Me You Love Me

3. Looks Like I'm in Love

The Planetary Citizen Band was formed in Chicago in 1978 featuring future members of Nobody's Business: Englishman Bobby Harrison on lead vocals (formerly of Procul Harum, Snafu & Freedom), Chicagoan Jerry Frank on drums & harmony vocals, & Chicago native Joe Jammer, from British funk band The Olympic Runners, on guitars & background vocals.

Local Chicago percussionist Paul "Where's P-Zed" Zalud on congas joined with Bob Lizik on bass (20 years now with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys), to round out the project.

The name comes from an organization affiliated with The United Nations called 'Planetary Citizens'. At the time, Joe was a proud holder of a Planetary Passport. The song was written, arranged, & produced by Joe Jammer with Gary Loizo (producer/ engineer of Styx, and president of the Grammys for seven years) as engineer. It was recorded at Gary's much beloved Pumpkin Studios on the south-west side of Chicago.

After all�"We Are All Planetary Citizens!"
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