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TV + FILM + SOUNDTRACKS + TRAILERS VOL. 1 - Atomic Blonde to The Wedding Singer

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1. "Der Kommissar" AFTER THE FIRE

- taken from "Atomic Blonde"

2. "Fox On The Run" SWEET

- taken from "Guardians Of The Galaxy 2" Trailer

3. "Wild Thing" FANCY

- taken from film "Because Of Gracia"

4. "Feel Like Flying" The ATTACK

- taken from film "Enter The Dragon"

5. "To Be Free" FREEDOM

- from film "Break Up"

6. "Screaming Jets" JOHNNY WARMAN

- from film "Six Bend Trap"

7. "One More Chance to Run" BRITISH LIONS

- taken from film "Six Bend Trap"

8. "Stop Look At Me" CONSORTIUM

- taken from film "And Now"

9. "Gangsters" DAVE GREENSLADE

- taken from TV show "Gangsters"

10. "Action" SWEET

- from film "Electric Boogaloo"

11. "Something Else" The SILENCE

- from TV series "The Good Guys"

12. " No Mean City" MAGGIE BELL

- taken from TV series "Taggart"

13. "A Bit Of A Do" RAY RUSSELL

- from TV series "A Bit Of A Do"

14. "The Last Plimsoll" STACKRIDGE

- from TV series "Craig Ferguson Comedy Specials"

15. "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" The KORGIS

- taken from TV movie "La bete curieuse"

16. "King Of Wishful Thinking" (version) GO WEST

- taken from "Pretty Woman"

17. "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me " (version) CULTURE CLUB

- taken from "The Wedding Singer"

A little known part of Angel Air's business is its Licensing activities and our placement of tracks in Films and TV shows the world over.

"Atomic Blonde to The Wedding Singer" is a compilation of tracks which have featured as soundtracks to drama and a great introduction to the six thousand plus audio tracks that Angel Air controls.

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